There are over 43,000 real estate agents in the Dade and Broward County area alone, so why should you choose to work with us? We stand out from other Realtors by providing authentic, professional, and personable service to each of our customers. We treat you like friends and family, because you deserve that level of respect!


We sit down with our customers and don’t rush the process.

We are detail-oriented and personable with our customers, something that is important to us. You are not another number or phone call; you are a valued customer that deserves to be called by your name. We like for our customers to be comfortable when sitting down with us, so if a coffee shop, wine bar, or bakery is your speed we are there. Also, who doesn’t like some wine, coffee, or pastries?

We don’t sugar coat things.

The process of home buying has many moving parts and is a big decision for our customers with both finances and emotions involved. We promise to tell you information straight to the point so that you are always aware of what is going on without having to read between the lines. This means we are honest and put your best interest first. Just ask us, if we know it we will let you know or find out for you. 

We answer the phone!

Although we try to have an awesome voicemail, we enjoy answering the phone even more. We do have set times where we block time for other activities, but communicate this to our customers during our initial meetings. We also respond to texts and emails as quickly as possible.

We are well versed in the new technologies.

We take pride in researching and implementing any cutting edge technologies that better serve our customers and their needs. Technologies and platforms such as integrated online searches, market statistics, and electronic signature systems give you the ability to save time and receive as much information as you want at your fingertips.

We have lived in many South Florida cities.

We call South Florida home, and have had the privilege to have lived in various cities within this beautiful area. We are able to best serve our customers in such a broad area due to our history and continual research. If we do not feel that we can provide you the best service in a particular area, we will find the best Realtor that can.  

We are knowledgeable in South Florida real estate market.

How does the market look for buyers? Is it a good time to buy? Where are some promising investment properties? We get excited by statistics and numbers, which allow us to keep up with the local and national markets for comparison. Yes we are nerds with our data, but we are good at being nerds!

We help our Buyers with more than showing them properties.

There is more to the home buying process than looking at photos, viewing the home, and signing on the dotted line. We assist our customers with needs such as identifying lenders before the process, with information and updates at all points during the process, and follow up with contacts for other local services such as handymen, yard maintenance companies, painters, electricians, pool services, and more.

We want to be a valued source of information and create a relationship.

Buying a home is very personal, and we respect the space that you allow us into. We aim to exceed your expectations and gain your trust and friendship beyond the buying experience. We have provided guides with tools and other resources to assist you with every part of the process so that you are well prepared. Our website is updated weekly to provide our customers with valuable local information so that you can stay connected with the community.

We live by the Golden Rule.

We won’t fill your email with junk (we hate junk emails as well), we provide valuable information specific to South Florida including activities and events that are RELEVANT to you. We exemplify professional treatment through our personable and honest everyday work. We enjoy working with many people and enjoy helping in any way we can.

Thank you for taking the time out to read this…now what are you waiting for? Let’s Get Started! Contact us Now!